We are beyond excited to announce that we have moved into our new dedicated programming and office space at

707 S. 50th Street in Cedar Park! 


This new development is only possible because of
support from people like you!

Please help us enter into this new phase of incredible growth and possibility with a tax-deductible donation. 



The Jewish agricultural tradition is built on the most repeated idea throughout the Torah: we shall not oppress the stranger.


Our tradition contains a blueprint for a just and sustainable society in which the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized people are placed at the center, and care for the earth is foundational.


Jewish Farm School draws on these tradition to equip and mobilizes Jews to be part of creating and supporting a just, equitable, and sustainable food system. We foster a liberatory connection to land, food, spirit, and communal celebration. And we root this work in Jewish traditions, values, and the cycles of the Hebrew calendar. 


With your support, Jewish Farm School

  • Connects the Jewish community to some of the most inspiring food justice activists and urban farms throughout Philadelphia;
  • Builds the capacity of the community to live more sustainably;
  • Creates a space to embrace and celebrate the ecological and agricultural roots of the Hebrew calendar and our holidays.


Over the past few years, we have reached thousands of individuals. We need your support in order to grow our
work and deepen our impact. 


Please consider a tax-deductible donation today.


A donation of this amount... Allows Jewish Farm School to...
$36 Plant a tree in our demonstration garden.


Complete a new rainwater catchment system.


Teach a Jewish food justice class to teens. 


Run an urban sustainability workshop.


Provide a student with a scholarship for an Alternative Break trip.


Train a team of Jewish educators in our cutting edge curriculum.

The Jewish Farm School is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, making your donation 100% tax-deductible. Thanks for your generosity!

Jewish Farm School would like to thank the following organizations for their support: 

We also are deeply moved by the numerous individuals who have donated their time and financial resources to help grow our organization.

Thank you!