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The Jewish agricultural tradition is built on the most repeated idea throughout the Torah: we shall not oppress the stranger. The Torah reminds us that we know the feelings of the stranger, having ourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt. This concept anchors the practices of leaving the gleanings and the corners of the field; mandating that all are entitled to Shabbat; and observing the Shmita year, in which debt is forgiven, claims of ownership are released, and all food is sacred. Our tradition contains a blueprint for a just and sustainable society in which the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized people are placed at the center, and care for the earth is foundational.


With your support, Jewish Farm School

  • Connects the Jewish community to some of the most inspiring food justice activists and urban farms throughout Philadelphia;
  • Builds the capacity of the community to live more sustainably;
  • Creates a space to embrace and celebrate the ecological and agricultural roots of the Hebrew calendar and holidays.


With your help we can continue to grow in 2017!



A Donation of This Amount... Allows Jewish Farm School To...
$36 Plant a tree in our new urban garden.


Purchase building supplies for a chicken coop or rain barrel.


Run an urban sustainability workshop.


Provide a student with a scholarship to go on an Alternative Break trip.


Cover the cost of food and supplies for an Alternative Break trip.


Train a team of Jewish educators in our cutting edge curriculum.


Convert a vacant lot into a garden, purchase a truck, launch a residential internship, or...

The Jewish Farm School is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, making your donation 100% tax-deductible. Thanks for your generosity!

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We also are deeply moved by the numerous individuals who have donated their time and financial resources to help grow our organization.

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