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We want to hear your voice! 

Recipe for Action:

Add Your Voice to "A Prayer for Rain"

T'filat HaGeshem, "A Prayer for Rain," recited during the last two days of Sukkot, recalls for us the importance and scarcity of water. How often do we think about water? Do we take it for granted? How does water effect you in your life? 

Create your own prayer for rain, a personalized T'filat HaGeshem, and share it with the world. Just follow the four easy steps below.

You can find pdfs for directions and source sheets for T'filat HaGeshem in English and Hebrew below.

The Four Steps

1) Record yourself reading your favorite line from “Tefilat HaGeshem.”

  • Memorize between 1-3 lines of the poem and record them on your phone, camera, computer or tablet.
  • Look directly at the camera and make sure your voice is audible.
  • Try to include some form of water into your video. 

2) Add your own thoughts and prayers

Create your own personalized and localized blessings in this style...

“Remember the people of New Orleans, who have witnessed the power of water...
“Remember the farmers of the Midwest, whose crops thirst for water...”


You may want to simply give a shout out to a geographical location

“Remember the mountain streams of Vermont...”
“Remember the forests of Colorado...”
“Remember the Gulf of Mexico”


Positive blessings are encouraged too!

“Remember the mighty Hudson River, which is getting cleaner every day”


Please also include a short section that completes the sentence

  “What I most love about water is...”

3) Send us your video

4) Share the video with your friends and colleagues

Post it, email it, share it, like and watch it as much as possible. 

Downloadable Directions
T’filat HaGeshem Outreach Letter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
T'filat HaGeshem - English
TFilat HaGeshem English.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 334.1 KB
T'filat HaGeshem - Hebrew
Tfilat HaGeshem Hebrew.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 918.2 KB